Essential Element. Because, Without Friends, We're Nothing


OK i thought i won’t be closing essentialelement for now, cuz i like it..

how are you guys?!

i haven’t been up to much really, but yeah, guess i’m studying for las minutes tests..have u finished school already?


Im really sorry

hey guys… i’m not sure about it but i think this is going to be one of my last posts. essentialelement is closing.

it’s never been quite a success, but i thought, well nevermind, i’ll just keep blogging… but it’s nearly a year i’ve done this and i have a total of 700 views all time. which sucks. Maybe i’ll open another one but not about friendships, but about random things or something else i’m not sure. i just feel stupid posting stuff for no one you know what i mean?

i look back at a blogger which got 11,476 views all time, then look at my 700 views. and at this same blogger which gets like 50 comments per post and i rarely get one. So yeah, i guess that’s it. As i said, it’s not sure but it’s like 98% sure.
i’m sorry for the people who were following me…… hopefully if i get another blog, it will have major success that essentialelement..

Well, bye!


You Know Right?

Hi guys!!!!!

i’m so happy today, because my friend bubbles is coming on the 31st and it’s her birthday!!!!

we are having a sleepover its going to be so much fun 😀

well bubbles, if you are reading this, i cant wait to see you aaannd


i loooove you



hey i forgot yesterday’s lyrics!

i’ll put todays and yesterday’s!!


before i forget, i shall dedicate this post to the overthinker, which is a very loyal friend, and i love her so much. ❤ ❤

by the way, the overthinker as an awesome blog, which deserves a look!! it’s called highwayofthought, here’s the link everyone!!

 yours always, Me
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