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That’s What Friends Aren’t For

Hi Everyone!!!!

Ever heard of this book called Dear Dumb Diary?? Well one of these books is called:”That’s What Friends Aren’t For”.

Well, at the end it says a few pieces which are quite funny, but that hide a real meaning of friendship:

“You were right Jamie. Angeline is protecting me from summer school. And she got your Art Show back for you, even thought you bailed on us.” This whole business with Angeline had me questioning what friends really are. I used to think friends were there to give or do things for you. they will, of course, but actually, that’s what friends aren’t for. It’s just the opposite.

Thanks for listening Dumb Diary, signed Jamie Kelly.”

So you see? In many things ( books, movies and other stuff) there might be secret meanings or obvious meanings that we just don’t notice.                                                    friends are like gems, precious and rare.

Bye everyone!!


No To Time Wasting!!

Hi Everyone!!

Ever thought about when your long-distant friends are coming to visit?

Here’s a few things to do not to waste your time with them!

1. As i said with the friend-iversary thing, prepare yourself a To Do List, so you don’t waste your time with your friend!!

2. Make sure your brothers or sisters have something to do or someone to play with so they don’t come and annoy you guys!

3. Always do something you both like, so you will be happier.

Well everyone, these are the basics. If you have anything else to add,  please comment on this blog!!


Sorry if i made you wait so much, had a bad idea period!! But now im back!! and i hope you will start looking at my blog again!!

Handmade Video

Hi Everyone!!!!

I wanted to show you this video me and my friends made with the application iMovie for iPods and Mac books.



Hi everyone!!

so i wanted to tell you i’m really sorry for these “missing” posts!! i just have no ideas!

I just had one thought so it’ll come as soon as possible!!

best wishes, sofsof99 😀

That’s Why I Do This!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Some people that commented on my blog gave me some very useful things to use for this post, or in general!!!!

Ok, so the first comment was from bexbex99 which told me a joke about the “friend language”….. Here it goes!

Emily: What does IDK mean?                                                                                                           Clare: I Don’t Know!!                                                                                                                           Emily: OMG, no one knows!!!!!

Isn’t that a good joke?! I totally like it!!                                                                                           Anyway, the second comment was from Kate, which gave me some other friend language words!!

BRB: i think we all know this one, which i might have forgot… anyway, this means Be Right Back!                                                                                                                                           IRL: ok this one is new to me: it means In Real Life!!                                                                   GTG: i just remembered this one, so i added this: it’s another well known word that means Got To Go!!!

So, you see, this is why i ask you guys to comment: each one of us knows different things, which can help me have a better blog and us to know more stuff than we did before…. and if you are wondering if these “words” will be useful, who knows? But still it’s an easier and shorter way to write, that’s for sure!!!! So thank you everyone!!!!!

Another Weird Friendship


Remember the cat-barn owl friendship video??

I have another video but this time it’s a dog-deer one!!  They are the sweetest thing ever! You have to see this!!                                      

The Friend Language

Hi Everyone!!!

We all know this language isn’t only for friends, but it’s a very cool thing to do or use!!

BFF: we all know what this means; Best Friends Forever!!!                                                       LOL: This means; Laughing Out Loud!!                                                                                           ROFL; This means; Rolling On Floor Laughing!!                                                                           Typo: This isn’t an actual language word, it just means Typing Error. Like when you say   “I ike cake” instead of saying “I like cake” you just say ” Oops, typo”                                        OMG: This means; Oh My God!!

Ok, so these are a few of the “Friend Language” words!

If you have some other words that maybe i forgot, or that you invented, comment on this blog!!!!

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