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Friendly Questions

Hi Everyone!!!!!

I asked some of my friends, overthinker and bexbex99 a few questions:

ME: Who was your first friend??                                                                    Overthinker: Virginia,a girl i used to know at  kindergarden                    BexBex99: you

ME:does this friendship still last?                                                                  Overthinker: no                                                                                                BexBex99: yes, you know that!

ME: were there more occasions of dog loyalty or friend loyalty?             Overthinker: dogs,i guess                                                                                 BexBex99:friends,of course

ME: ok, last question:: if you had to associate a friend to a situation what would it be?                                                                                               Overthinker: someone trying to defend me!                                               BexBex99: laughing,good time together!!

if you want to comment these answers write on this site. bye!!!!


Comments on: "Friendly Questions" (4)

  1. bexbex99 said:

    Great!!! Your blog is fabulous!

  2. dragongirl said:

    lovely advice girls keep working like this….you are all amazing and i hope you will be friends for ever and ever and ever

  3. bubbles said:

    So cool!!!!! 😀

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