Essential Element. Because, Without Friends, We're Nothing

Different Experiences


I’m here again, with one of my best friends Bubbles. Bubbles has moved many different times in many different places, but has perfectly managed to maintain her friendship with me and bexbex99. Well, here are some of her tips for:


1. Try to listen what other people are talking about, so you can fit in better with the new school’s fads.                                                                   2. Always stand near a group of people and at some point, they’ll let you join in!!!!!!                                                                                                   3. When in doubt or if something’s wrong, talk about it to someone you trust; Never keep your feelings inside because it’ll just make you feel worse.                                                                                                           4. Even if for some people might consider “cool” getting bad grades, don’t let them bring you down and always try your best!!                         5. Always believe in yourself!!


1. Always keep in touch. Doesn’t matter how (by phone, skype, email….) it will just make you feel closer!!                                                   2. When you DO get to see them, enjoy every minute of your time with your friend. Don’t let brothers or sisters get you into a bad mood!!!

And this,everyone, is a tip that i personally recommend. Honestly, i still have to learn it too:

1. If you are about to see your friend, or if she just arrived, don’t start complaining about  how you are going to get together or what you are going to do next time, just live the present in all of its seconds, minutes and hours!!



Comments on: "Different Experiences" (10)

  1. theoverthinker said:

    and if ur friend lives on a desert island with no phones, computers, anything?

    – The one and only Problem Maker

  2. bexbex99 said:

    Great advice!
    I’ll especially use the one about not complaining b4 your friend actually arrives!! 🙂

  3. Chantelle said:

    Friends are like diamonds…precious and rare…. and YOU….sofsof99…. are a true GEM!!!!
    You make the world a better place and YOU have wisdom beyond your years!!
    Keep on writing!!!
    Lovey loves!!

    • Hi!!!!!
      I wanted to thank all of my viewers for ” keeping me company” on my first blogging week!!
      Thanks to you, my first blogging week got nearly 200 views!!!!!!
      Well now you know how it’s like, and i really hope you will keep on looking at my blog!!!
      THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. Gorsie said:

    cica cica boom boom!! Lovely words babe. Keep um coming. Love you xoxo

  5. i think this is all EXCELLENT advice from a very smart and very very cool girl! keep it up, Sofsof! You’ve got two new readers in Brooklyn, NY! xoxox

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