Essential Element. Because, Without Friends, We're Nothing

Hi Everyone!!!!!

Speaking about dogs, i have one called Bear. She’s a bit of a scaredy cat and barks a lot. This morning we had to call the plumbers and right now she’s hiding in the cellar. My little brother has just woke up, and his first thought in the morning is always to cuddle Bear, so now he’s down in the cellar too!!                                                                                        I was given her on my seventh birthday. My mum got her from the local kennel. When she was a puppy, she used to go and cuddle up in one of our cupboards and even now she still tries to squeeze in there. Now my brother has come back up now so i’ll ask im a few questions:

ME: Why do you love her so much?                                                                                                  BRO: Because she’s the only dog in the family and she never gets angry at me.                      ME: If we ever got another dog, would your love for bear be the same?                                  BRO: Yes! I think……                                                                                                                           ME: Uhmmmmm…. seems like this morning you’re not feeling like having an “interview”!!


Comments on: "Dogs, a piece of our life." (1)

  1. bexbex99 said:

    Bear’s sssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooo cute in those pics!;)

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