Essential Element. Because, Without Friends, We're Nothing

What Can I Say…

Hi Everyone!!!!!

My friend Overthinker has two dogs, so i’ll ask her some questions:

ME: Although your dogs became part of your everyday life, would you be able to name at least three special memories with them?                                                                    Overthinker:  Well i remember once there was a very big storm. One of my dogs came into my bedroom frightened by it, and hid under my covers and my pillow. I stayed awake nearly all night reassuring him.                                                                                                         ME: Ok, so thats one! Remember anything else?                                                                           Overthinker: Well i remember when i first got my dog Buddy. We went to this kennel which was full of beagles and setters and there i found Buddy and his brother as very small puppies. So i picked Buddy though it broke my heart to leave his brother behind. I also remember driving home very late at night with Buddy sleeping in a cardboard box between me and my brother.                                                                                                             It was the best birthday present i could have ever got!

If you have some memories of you and your animals please comment!


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