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Friend Anniversary!!


Have you ever thought about how much you and your best friend have known each other?

Me and my two best friends now have to celebrate 10 years of what i like to call        friend-iversary or better explained friend anniversary!!!

Heres a few things you could do on that day….

1. Well first decide how many years you are celebrating together

2.Talk to your friends about it and see if they like the idea

3. make them a little present or write them a card or poem, just to make the friend-iversary more significant.

4. you could even make yourself a little to do list on how to spend your party time!! Remember, every minute with your friend is unique and that every minute with your friend is well spent!

5. Have fun!!! and tell me how it goes!!


Comments on: "Friend Anniversary!!" (3)

  1. Hey,
    Do you think my friendaversary with Kaz should be 1. our wedding anniversary 2. our first date anniversary 3. the anniversary of when we decided to go steady or 4. the day we met?
    Any advice would be most welcome.

    Thanks!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. I can’t wait till our friendiversary!!!!!!! 😀

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