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The Friend Language

Hi Everyone!!!

We all know this language isn’t only for friends, but it’s a very cool thing to do or use!!

BFF: we all know what this means; Best Friends Forever!!!                                                       LOL: This means; Laughing Out Loud!!                                                                                           ROFL; This means; Rolling On Floor Laughing!!                                                                           Typo: This isn’t an actual language word, it just means Typing Error. Like when you say   “I ike cake” instead of saying “I like cake” you just say ” Oops, typo”                                        OMG: This means; Oh My God!!

Ok, so these are a few of the “Friend Language” words!

If you have some other words that maybe i forgot, or that you invented, comment on this blog!!!!


Comments on: "The Friend Language" (4)

  1. TTFN = Ta ta for now!
    BRB = be right back
    IRL = in real life
    CRC = Cica’s really cool! (just invented that one!)

    • ah ah great!!!! thx think im going to add brb and irl! if you tell me what ta ta means i could add that one too!

  2. bexbex99 said:

    This is a joke of what u call “the friend language”:
    Jane: What does “IDK” mean?
    Emily: I don’t know.
    Jane: OMG… No one knows!

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