Essential Element. Because, Without Friends, We're Nothing


Ok,so i interviewed a few people including my brothers, and my auntie and granny:

And….There’s more!!!!  This is, the only, the special edition in Italian too!!! Ready to learn some?

1. What does a friend mean to you?
1. Cosa significa la parola amico per te?

MasterX: a friend is someone who is kind to you (wow MasterX. Impressive. Really)
MasterX: un amico è una persona che è gentile con te (wow MasterX. Ti sei impegnato. Sul serio)
JoZilla: someone always kind to you, that’s always ready to help you….
JoZilla: qualcuno sempre gentile con te, sempre pronto ad aiutarti!
ok so i’m going to do one question at a time, because it takes me a lot to write!

See you Tomorrow!!!


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