Essential Element. Because, Without Friends, We're Nothing

OK Guys!!!

So here’s yesterday’s interview continuation!! By the way yesterday i got a comment, by Kate, and here’s what she said : a friend is someone who tells you you have lettuce in your teeth before you leave the house!” Lol Kate you’re right!!


3. Can you tell me a situation where, more than ever, you felt lucky having your friend with you?                                                                                                                                               3. Sai dirmi un’esperienza in cui, più che mai ti sei sentito fortunato ad avere un amico accanto?

MasterX: Yes, so once i was teasing fifth graders, and then they started beating me up. Then my friend showed up, and helped me out!                                                                             MasterX: Si, una volta stavo prendendo in giro i ragazzi di quinta, e hanno iniziato a picchiarmi. Poi è arrivato l mio amico e mi ha aiutato!

JoZilla: No but, frankly i’m too ugly to have friends…                                                                  JoZilla: No ma, francamente, sono troppo brutto per avere amici…

OK, so i kind of invented that one…… He was refusing to answer so i wrote this…..when he’ll answer properly i’ll let you know!

My Auntie And my Granny couldn’t remember soooooo THAT’S IT!!!!

Bye Everyone!!!!


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