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Help Me!!!

My friend while playing judo fell on his arm in a fight…luckily, the ambulance was already on place, and he is now in hospital. They found out he broke his artery and he has to do many operations…..We are all really worried and i would love if someone could send me some encouraging phrases or just a funny saying… to cheer him up.. Think of a person who is stuck in hospital with a fatal cut on the artery! Just a phrase or something funny? Or even a picture….

    P.S.  he loves wolves

Thank You!!!!



Happy Birthday!!

THis is a very special post to celebrate the very special birthday of an awesome man!!!!!  Coolguy!!!!!
Happy birthday!!

I love you a lot, and hope to see you in New York!!!





Without You

Do you know Usher?

He’s a great singer, and with David Guetta he made this song… it might be for lovers, but it works for friends too! Tell me if i’m not right!

🙂 Bye Guys!

Funny Photos


I was looking up some things on internet, and i found these photos!
They’re cute!

Today i’m going ice-skating with my friend! talking about online diary! Maybe we are even going to re-pierce our ears!


Funny Friends

This video is really funny, because there are these four girls dancing to “I’m sexy and i know it” (it’s not inappropriate)

and instead of trying to look pretty and…well, sexy, they just make up a funny choreography and they look like they really had fun!!!

Bye, and remember to comment!!!…please?

Oh and ,thank you, for supporting me ’till my 50th  post!

Valentines Day!

yesterday CoolMan commented on my post, saying his wife is great…she is lovely isn’t she?
Ah i can imagine how tough life can be when your girlfriend is ultra-jealous, or keeps you within a ten meters distance! Argh, not very pleasant uh!
If you think about it, it’s like having a personal manager or something!

Buddy: hey mate, are you free this evening? we can just hang out!
Girlfriend: Uhm, actually he’s busy tonight…he’s taking me to the annual high heel shoe festival!
You:  Yeah…..totally….

So they basically get to control your evenings or days! And boys still run after them!
weird uh?


Love You Like a Love Song

This is “I Love You Like a Love Song” 

pretty long title uh? Whatev, hope you like it!


i think you’ll have to click on the link to see it!

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