Essential Element. Because, Without Friends, We're Nothing

Told You!

Ah ah as i said, here we are with ali!!!!

we voted between her writing some advice here or an interview! sorry interview wins! But if you want some advice from her tell me by commenting and i’ll bring her back here whether she likes or not! mwahahahah!


Me: Ali, you told me that in your school you can’t really count on anyone…why is that?

Ali: Well, there you never know really….if you tell someone a really big secret and then a week later you stop being friends with that person, they will probably tell everyone the secret for revenge…… 

Me: Once i embarrassed you on Facebook with a popular girl (sorry)..tell me five words to describe how u felt..don’t think about it, just say it

Ali: Scared and worried about it, funny at first, word, word 

Me: wow ali thanks for the last two…words. What would you ideal B.f.f. be like? (beautiful like me? i doubt it)

Ali: Well to me it doesn’t really matter if they are pretty or ugly (sorry sof)……they should be kind, funny, happy (as in not depressed all the time), understanding…..that kind of stuff….

Me: mmmh…damn! I thought i was the prettiest friend in the city and now you come and tell me you don’t care? :p  Gosh…hope i’m like that 4 you! Last question…are you more likely to forget your brother’s birthday or your best friend’s one?

Ali: I did say sorry sof! and the answer is………………………Brother’s, definitely my brothers instead of my best friend’s 🙂 

Wahaha that’s all for now!!!


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