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Archive for May 28, 2012

Im really sorry

hey guys… i’m not sure about it but i think this is going to be one of my last posts. essentialelement is closing.

it’s never been quite a success, but i thought, well nevermind, i’ll just keep blogging… but it’s nearly a year i’ve done this and i have a total of 700 views all time. which sucks. Maybe i’ll open another one but not about friendships, but about random things or something else i’m not sure. i just feel stupid posting stuff for no one you know what i mean?

i look back at a blogger which got 11,476 views all time, then look at my 700 views. and at this same blogger which gets like 50 comments per post and i rarely get one. So yeah, i guess that’s it. As i said, it’s not sure but it’s like 98% sure.
i’m sorry for the people who were following me…… hopefully if i get another blog, it will have major success that essentialelement..

Well, bye!


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